Olivia Schofield

Expert in Public Speaking and Communication Skills

Olivia Schofield competed against 35,000 speakers to win the coveted position of Top Woman Speaker at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas 2011, at The World Championship of Public Speaking. A Londoner living in Berlin, Olivia learnt her craft in the theatre; complementing her training with a First Class Honours Degree in Communication and Linguistics from Middlesex University.

Olivia has nearly 20 years experience in production and sales for media companies including the BBC, ITV Studios and Thomson Reuters. In 2011, Olivia noticed the lack of speaking skills amongst business speakers and founded Spectacular Speaking, a company dedicated to raising the standard of public speakers and their presentations. "So much attention is spent on branding, marketing and sales, but hardly any attention is given to polishing the performance of the spokespeople representing the companies"
Whether you are a conference speaker, a CEO or a Sales person, she helps you control the fear factor and lifts your performance in just a few hours.

Olivia’s presentations are informative, action packed and entertaining. She has worked in both Europe and The States giving keynotes and workshops to audiences of up to 2,000. She is a business owner, mother of two teenage girls and is married to the Journalist Matthias Penzel.


  • Authentic You But Bigger - An actor is an expert at being someone else. A speaker is an expert at being themselves- How to be you on stage.
  • Don't Let Your History Dictate Your Future - Create the future you deserve.
  • From Page To Stage - Advancing your speech from scribbled notes on a napkin, to show time!
  • Leaders/Mothers Are Made, Not Born - Olivia shines a light on the worries we dare not share.
  • Sizzling On Stage - Be the speaker the audience take home in their minds.
  • Spinning A Tale - Corporate story telling builds connection, connection builds business
  • Women, How To Juggle All The Balls. A full time job, kids, and a husband. What is the secret to successful juggling?

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